REDWOOD BLOG | May 26, 2017

U.S. Preferred Securities Update

Brenda Langenfeld, CFA, subadvisor to the Redwood U.S. Preferred Share Fund, discusses the state of the preferred securities markets including where she is seeing opportunity.  

REDWOOD BLOG | May 25, 2017

BNN – The Street with Craig Basinger

Craig Basinger, chief investment officer, Richardson GMP, and manager of Redwood Tactical Asset Allocation Fund and Redwood Core Income Equity Fund, joins BNN’s The Street as a guest co-host for the full show.

REDWOOD BLOG | May 23, 2017

Active vs. Passive

by Craig Basinger, CFA “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” Charles Dickens penned so many years ago. Well, for active managers this appears to be the worst of times based on the S&P SPIVA reports and fund flows. For all U.S. domestic equity funds, 92.9% have been outperformed by […]

REDWOOD BLOG | May 15, 2017

Beware Calm Surface Waters

By Craig Basinger, CFA Earlier this week, the VIX Index, which measures U.S. equity market volatility, moved below 10. Crazy, eh? The VIX measures the implied market volatility being priced into a basket of call and put options on the S&P 500. Or, you can simply think of it as expected market volatility, based on the cost of options. […]

REDWOOD BLOG | May 9, 2017

Fundamentals, Fundamentals, Fundamentals

By Richard Bernstein, Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer   Fundamentals, Fundamentals, Fundamentals We’ve said many times politicians crave the spotlight, but it’s a shame that investors watch the show. History shows quite well that fundamentals, and not politics, ultimately drive the financial markets. Our November 2014 report, Are you tired of being scared yet?  emphasized that […]

REDWOOD BLOG | May 9, 2017

How We View ESG

What is ESG? SRI? I think some historian once described capitalism as a ragbag of disparate concepts masquerading as a practical theory. Actually, it is also like the Abrahamic religion, which only exists as a family of competing ideas, sometimes at peace, periodically at war. So, too, is ESG. Acronyms are for the gnomic obscurantists: […]

REDWOOD BLOG | May 8, 2017

Do Valuations Matter?

By Craig Basinger, CFA When it comes to reading or listening to commentaries about the market, how often do you come across someone saying “it is expensive” or “the market is cheap”? Take today for example; most would agree the market is expensive, but what does that even mean? Expensive vs. what? Its historical valuation or […]

REDWOOD BLOG | May 3, 2017

Why We’re Bullish on Emerging Markets

The first quarter of 2017 was another strong period for emerging market equities, with the MSCI Emerging Markets NR Index up 10.83% (CAD) quarter-over-quarter, and up 16.11% (CAD) year to date (as at April 30). In fact, as markets continue to improve, so does our certainty that the lows seen in January/February 2016 represent the end […]

REDWOOD BLOG | May 1, 2017

Losing Loss Aversion

By Craig Basinger, CFA & Shane Obata   You own 1,000 shares each of company A and B, each originally purchased for $100. Since buying, company A has declined to $80 and company B has risen to $120. If you need to raise some cash then which one do you sell? If you said sell […]

REDWOOD BLOG | Apr. 24, 2017

The Herd: Are ETFs Changing the Structure of the Markets?

by Craig Basinger, CFA & Shane Obata   There is no question Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have exploded in popularity. They offer many benefits to investors and their merits are well known. There is also rising evidence ETFs are changing the structure of the markets and how investors behave. Just to show how the popularity […]