The 3 Ps: politics, profits, and probabilities

Fundamentals, not headlines, ultimately drive financial markets. Although it is always tempting to listen to the news, successful investing depends (perhaps more than ever) on a dispassionate review of fundamentals. We’ve attempted to sift through the current noise to highlight what we think is important and not, and summarized them as “The Three Ps” of politics, profits, and probabilities.

Politics: ignore it

Politics is about what should be. Investing is about what is. At RBA, we invest based on what “is.” Our sole goal is to invest successfully for our clients, and not to advocate a particular political position.

One might have liked President Obama or not, but there was a major bull market during his two terms. One may like President Trump or not, but the bull market is continuing. If one structured portfolios based on one’s views of what should be, one has missed all or part of the 8+ year bull market. Period. End of story.

We pointed out last month that the recent performance of the South Korean stock market is glaring evidence of how listening to politicians can obscure potentially exciting investment opportunities. Although politicians have focused on the geopolitical risks associated with North Korea, the stock markets have focused on the fundamentals of South Korea. The South Korean stock market is up more than 25% year-to-date (in USD terms) and roughly tripled the return of the US stock market!

There may indeed be geopolitical risks associated with North Korea, but investors need to remember that fundamentals and not politicians’ desires to alter geopolitics ultimately drive stock markets.


Profits: crucially important

Perhaps the primary distinction between RBA’s investment process and those of other firms is that RBA focuses on profit cycles and not economic cycles. That is a subtle, but extraordinarily important, difference because history shows the financial markets watch profit cycles whereas most investors follow economic cycles…

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