Our Investment Partners

At Redwood, we have long held the view that partnering with sub-advisors is the best avenue to top investment talent.

By working with boutique managers, those who are owners in their own firms and are invested in success, we can remove the handcuffs of bureaucracy and put the tools at their disposal to generate the best returns.

We are pleased to partner with the following managers:

Why We Selected Reams Asset Management

Reams is a fixed-income specialist with nearly $25 billion in assets under management and a track record that dates back to 1981. Reams is a leader in unconstrained fixed income investing and has a long history of using the flexibility of their mandate to protect and grow assets in difficult markets.

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Why We Selected Somerset Capital Management

Somerset is a specialist manager with a sole focus on global emerging markets. A pioneer in dividend investing in emerging markets, Somerset's active approach and focus on downside protection provide Canadians with a unique way to participate in the high growth and diversification benefits of emerging markets, with lower volatility.

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Why We Selected Redwood Asset Management

At Redwood, we continue to build out our in-house money management expertise, particularly in areas where we believe we can add value for Canadians. We will continue to seek out sectors and niches in the market where we can develop a strategy that complements the portfolios of Canadian investors.

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Why We Selected Richardson GMP

Richardson GMP Asset Management is a highly disciplined investment group with a specialty in quantitative investing methods. The team's systematic strategies provide low-correlation, alternative solutions for investors that complement core portfolios and help lower overall volatility.

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Why We Selected StoneCastle Investment Management

We selected StoneCastle Investment Management Inc. for their use of systematic and quantitative methods in their approach to finding great Canadian growth companies. Their focus on market indicators and technical analysis are important tools for risk management.

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Why We Selected Nuveen Asset Management

Nuveen is an award-winning, global leader in fixed-income management, with deep expertise in the U.S. preferred securities market and an emphasis on quality and ingenuity. The focus and structure of their group ensures that they operate like a boutique with the resources of an asset manager with global scale.

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Why We Selected Fiera Capital

The firm provides its best-in-class investment and asset allocation teams the necessary scope to responsibly pursue their particular strategies as boutique investment managers, backed by the substantial organizational and distribution resources befitting an industry leader.

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