Redwood Income Strategies Class: All Asset. All Cap. All Income.

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – April 26, 2012) – The Redwood Income Strategies Class, formerly the Redwood Ark Monthly Income Class, has a four year track record of outperforming its benchmark and peer group average.

The fund, advised by Ben Cheng at Aston Hill Investments, has an unconstrained investment mandate allowing the portfolio management team to invest in any asset class, any market capitalization and overweight cash when they believe it to be prudent.

In addition to the fund’s name change, Redwood has also added two series’ to the fund that allow for incentive fees to be earned by the Manager, if the fund outperforms its benchmark. Redwood believes in capping investment mandates at modest asset levels and incentivizing portfolio managers to generate benchmark-beating investment returns over time.

“We believe that due to the current asset size, and our intention to cap the fund’s assets at $250 million, that the portfolio will remain sufficiently nimble to participate in income opportunities across the market capitalization spectrum – allowing Ben and his team find excellent risk/reward opportunities,” said Peter Shippen, President of Redwood.

Ben Cheng, President and CIO of Aston Hill added that “Redwood Income Strategies is a way of showcasing the breadth and depth of expertise at Aston Hill in an unconstrained, all cap mandate.”

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