Incredible Iceland!

Having been an avid traveler over the past 10 years, I’m often asked ‘why the obsession with Iceland?’

Despite always trying to seek out new destinations, I’ve always found reasons to go back to Iceland.  Since 2010, I’ve been to Iceland three times.

My first visit in 2010, was admittedly as an economic voyeur.  After Iceland’s economic collapse, and then an ensuing volcanic eruption shutting down trans-Atlantic air travel, I just had to see what a nation looked like in the direst of times.

What I found, was a country of stunning beauty, wonderful people and an unrivaled nightlife.  Resilient in the face of economic collapse, and angry at their government and their bankers that it was allowed to happen.

Last year we returned, as 29 Canadian men, used a friend’s impending marriage as a reason and excuse to visit Iceland.  Again, the country did not disappoint.  Interestingly, the economic recovery continues in Reykjavik.  The once boarded up shops and restaurants, are now re-opening and the vibrant city I witnessed in 2010 is teeming today.

A video posted this morning produced by Blue Racer on Twitter reminded me why, I need to go back!

Two videos to watch, that will surely convince you of my opinion.

Inspired By Iceland


Blue Racer Productions Iceland Video

I outlined some of my travel from my Economic Tourism in the following blog post: The Bailout Tour of 2012.

IcelandAir allow visitors to stay over for up to 10 days on a trip to Europe.  Next time across the pond, stop in to Iceland for 3/4 days.  Feel free to contact me for my 3-day killer itinerary.

Happy Travels!

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