For funds with drive, there's no place like home

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? Global smaller-company funds with momentum.

Small- to mid-cap stocks tend to outperform early in an economic recovery. They are rebounding after being beaten up during a downturn like last year’s market collapse. Unlike their larger peers, they don’t have dividends to help support their stocks.

TODAY’S SEARCH We checked the year-to-date returns for the best performers in the global small- to mid-equity-cap group until Nov. 20. U.S. dollar and duplicate versions of funds were excluded.

WHAT DID WE FIND? There is no place like home.

Redwood Global Small Cap Fund was the leader, surging 110 per cent to Nov. 20. Its return is nearly double that of runner-up Mackenzie Cundill Recovery and its 60-per-cent return.

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