ACTIVE Managers much better than Average

Those who I’ve dealt with directly in this business, will know that I am always complimentary of fund companies and fund managers, even if they happen to be competitors of ours.

One great example is the recent Active Mindset campaign by  IA Clarington.  (Direct competitor as we both offer funds managed by Ben Cheng, Joanne Hruska at Aston Hill Financial)

Martijn Cremers work on Active Share supports the key tenets on which Redwood was founded.  Competent managers who make active investment decisions will outperform indices and closet indexers over time.

In a World where the ‘average’ fund managers lags the benchmark, the study separates portfolio managers who have high active share (making active investment decisions relative to a benchmark) and shows that over time they tend to significantly outperform.

All of our mandates here at Redwood have excellent fund managers, in unconstrained mandates with additional investment tools such as limited shorting and the ability to raise cash – highlighting our commitment to active investment management.

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